The Love Project Portraits, Inc. | About

The Love Project Portraits, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving Northeastern North Carolina and Southeastern Virginia. It is our goal to offer free portrait sessions to every family we meet that is living with a loved one who has been born with or diagnosed with a life-altering or potentially terminal condition. 


All too often families get caught up in day to day life, work, medical treatments and emergencies they they just don’t take time to savor the special moments. It is our desire to help families preserve the beautiful moments they have together before time passes by and it’s too late.

We are very sensitive to time restrictions and understand that portrait sessions may need to be rescheduled or we may need to be available at a moments notice. Flexibility and working with the family’s schedule is a priority to us.

Each family will receive a free professional portrait session which includes a private online gallery of professionally edited portraits.  As an added gift the family will receive 2 free 11x14 professionally mounted wall portraits.  This program is not based on financial need.  Never will you be asked about your financial situation. 

If you or someone you know qualifies for this program please do not hesitate to contact us.